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Spartan Advanced Anti-Cheat | Cheat Detection | Hack Blocker | 1.7 - 1.19.2 [10% SUMMER SALE]

Plugins MC ULTIMATE Spartan Advanced Anti-Cheat | Cheat Detection | Hack Blocker | 1.7 - 1.19.2 [10% SUMMER SALE] 489.2

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Corrected a SQL table creation issue and a major check cancellation issue. Updating is more than recommended, sorry for the inconvenience, Phase 488 was a massive update.
Fixed an issue where the class of the Performance Optimizer feature wouldn't initiate.
  1. Many static class methods have been made part of new/existing objects to improve performance.
  2. Completely rewrote the Performance Optimizer feature to be more universal, more organized & better.
  3. The Speed ground detection will now account for a player’s building process.
  4. The unban command will now properly clear the cache of the ban feature.
  5. The SQL Config and SQL Logs are now combined as the SQL Feature.
  6. Potion Effects will now have their own organized cache to prevent false positives.
  7. The “Logs.log_file” option will now reappear in the settings.yml configuration.
  8. Decreased the amount of threads Spartan uses and replaced it with existing ones.
  9. Many checks.yml & config.yml options will now be generated when first used.
  10. Removed forgotten configuration options & functionalities from several checks.
  11. Removed Configuration Recommendations and replaced them with proper listing of problematic detections.
  12. The checks.yml configuration will no longer be existent when the config.yml configuration is used.
  13. Check with no ability to punish will now show punishments as disable in the inventory menus.
  14. All players will be treated as testers when the server is identified as a testing environment.
  15. Awareness notifications will now be delivered to all staff players.
  16. The XRay check will now notify staff players when it has insufficient data to work with.
  17. The plugin will now look for surrounding blocks when trying to identify if the player is in a water bubble elevator.
  18. The plugin will now detect decimals in detection information more accurately.
  19. Mining notifications will now be logged in the plugin’s files regardless of the check’s or player’s state.
  20. Added more information to be sent with the use of the customer-support command.
  21. Check objects will now handle more or less memory depending on their needs.
  22. Violations will no longer reset every minute for all players but individually.
  23. Removed the messages.yml option “violations_reset” as it’s no longer needed.
  24. Rewrote a big part of the Punished Players algorithm, mainly to improve consistency & security.
  25. Checks can no longer be named with the name of another check.
  26. The Research Engine will no longer cache for longer than a minute.
  27. The IrregularMovements check will now require the player to move slightly to be checked for a specific cobweb movement.
  28. The False Positive Detection will now adjust its decimal points for the MorePackets check also.
  1. Bedrock & Java player information will now be analyzed and structured separately.
  2. The Velocity check’s detection will now detect things more accurately by accounting for online hackers in the data flow.
  3. The Product Offer feature will no longer be so forceful with notifying staff users.
  4. The Cross Server Information feature will now work better.
  5. Improved the stability of the IrregularMovements check when it comes to bedrock players.
  6. The Bedrock Detections notification will now appear less frequently and when needed.
  7. Problematic Detections will no longer be included in hacker/suspected player calculations.
  8. Made the variables and functionalities of the compatibility configuration more universal.
  9. Players will no longer be able to pickup items when using Spartan’s spectator mode.
  10. The Player Info inventory menu will no longer use magic color codes when the user has opted out of the ecosystem options.
  11. Some information from the AntiCheat Updates item will now appear on other inventory menus.
  12. The File GUI will now appear as a recommendation in the Manage Configuration menu.
  13. Implemented a new settings.yml option to toggle bedrock detections for those that own it.
  14. The Suspicious Fights feature will now return more relevant results based on a pre-existing more organized algorithm.
  15. The HitReach check will now consider the average hit reach of the server’s players for better stability & detectability.
  16. Improved the tab completion by detecting what to recommend based on the command’s arguments.
  17. The Wave & Ban features will no longer do transfers from their old configurations due to them having been removed for a long time.
  18. Rewritten how the raw command feature works with an awareness notification to always support command options.
  19. Implemented a new awareness notification option to accompany the spectate command.
  20. The Wave feature’s API method is now a boolean and not a void.
  21. The Ban feature will now support SQL and also offer a creation date.
  22. Slightly optimized the item search of all inventory menus with a direct equals method.
  23. You can now dismiss reports via the inventory menu by clicking on the reported player item.
  1. Implemented an automatic calculation of the size of the Plugin Ecosystem inventory menu.
  2. The plugin will now identify its original platform when using a token.
  3. Extended the Cloud feature with more useful methods.
  4. Improved how the plugin shows URLs.
  5. Some product information will now be synchronized with the Cloud.
  6. Improved the plugin’s Awareness Notifications with new and more proper messages.
  7. The Piracy handler will now operate at much faster speeds due to the implementation of multiple threads.
  8. The plugin will now require more to ban a player via the Cloud feature.
  9. The String utilities methods will now return more fail-safe results.
  10. The Cross Server Information feature will now have better backwards option compatibility.
  11. The IrregularMovements levitation detection will no longer run when the player’s head is inside a block.
  12. A player’s check evidence will no longer be returned if they have bypass or are in other states of canceled checking.
  13. Listed additional bounding blocks for stonecutter blocks in the Ground utilities.
  14. Removed the Plugin Ecosystem inventory menu as it was rarely used by users.
  15. The Minigame Maker compatibility will now open its menu via commands.
  16. Adjusted the queries of the SQL feature to be less problematic & more universal.
Corrected some messages being sent incorrectly.
Corrected the query of the Research Engine handler.
  1. Spartan will now synchronize configurations via the Cloud for certain customers.
  2. Tightened the log requirements of the Research Engine handler.
  3. The Configuration system has been made less prone to exceptions.
  4. The SQL feature will no longer add data to a column when not needed.
  5. Certain check modifications & staff chat will no longer be logged.
  6. Implemented new Block utilities methods to judge water-logged blocks.
  7. Adjusted the IrregularMovements liquids detection to judge water-logged blocks more leniently.
  8. Implemented new Base64 methods in the String utilities.
  9. Certain Cross Server Logs will require to be retrieved from similar server types.
  10. Removed unused variables from the Cloud feature.
  11. Suspected/Hacking Evidence of disabled checks will no longer be calculated or shown.
  12. The XRay check will still use the memory but no longer log information if disabled.
  13. Optimized the plugin’s configurations with faster & more consistent codes.
  14. Improved the plugin’s player finder tab completion handler.
  15. Renamed the SQL table column “spartan_build” to “plugin_version”.
  16. Renamed the SQL table column “date” to “creation_date”.
  17. Renamed the SQL table column “info” to “information” and adjusted its max length to 4096.
  18. Renamed the SQL table column “hack_type” to “functionality”.
  19. Removed the SQL table column “silent_check” and will use “cancel_violation” set to NULL to represent silent checks.
  20. Removed the SQL table column “detection_information” and will use “information” in its place.
  21. Removed the SQL table column “mined_item” and will use “functionality in its place.
  22. Removed the SQL table column “false_positive” and will use “type in its place.
  23. Introduced a new SQL table column named “player_latency”.
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