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[ PRISON CORE ] ⚡Ultra Prison Core ⚡️[1.8-1.19.X] ~ ALL-IN-ONE solution for prison servers!

ULTIMATE Plugins MC [ PRISON CORE ] ⚡Ultra Prison Core ⚡️[1.8-1.19.X] ~ ALL-IN-ONE solution for prison servers! 3.8.3

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  • Logging | Improved SQL database logging
1st December 2022
  • Gangs | Increased max gang value from integer to long (from 2147483647 to 9223372036854775807)
  • Blocks | Fixed blocks top weekly auto-reset
  • Fixed rare issue with data persistency
  • Gems | Fixed saving of players gems into database
20th November 2022
  • Fixed exceptions on player data reset when using SQLite database
  • Autominer | Added /autominer remove <player> <time> <timeunit> command
  • Autominer | Added tab completion for /autominer command
  • Autominer | Removed /miner alias for /autominer command
  • Autominer | Added auto_miner_time_remove message
  • API | Updated Events API - See here the updates
  • Misc | Updated Wiki on GitHub to be up-to-date with latest version
  • Misc | Small code clean up for NMS handling
10th November 2022
  • Whole database system and data persistency code refactor
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4th November 2022
  • Enchants | Fixed important bug where pickaxe effects were not removed when player moved pickaxe to upper inventory / other inventory via shift-click
31st October 2022
  • Enchants | Added support for math expressions via exp4j for enchants that gives min and max amount (replaces the original logic)
  • Enchants | Updated default enchants.yml file
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