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Plugins MC JetsMinions | #1 MINIONS PLUGIN | ACTIONS | UPGRADES | ANIMATIONS | ROBOTS | [1.8 - 1.18] 7.6.16

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[+] Fix an issue with the Minion Inventories not functioning @Superalex0102
[+] Fixed NPE with list minion command
[+] Fixed a config issue with the Minion Type Limit permissions


[+] Modified code for breaking minions chests
[+] Fixed NPE's while breaking minions
[+] Modified how the %NEXTLEVELSETTING% placeholder is gotten
[+] Fixed an issue with SMELT not working for Fisher minion
[+] Added support for the CombatPet plugin
[+] Fixed issue with EconomyShopGUI relogging issues when using Seller minion
[+] Fixed hook issue with protection stones
[+] modified print-to-console statements that was giving users warnings
[+] Fixed issue with Minions being able to break the center block on BSkyblocks
[+] Fixed issue with NPE being thrown if the max level of a minion is reduced
[+] Fixed NPE with the /minions list command
[+] Support for 1.19 + 1.19 Blocks
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