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Holy Animated Knight Weapon Set $25.00

MC MODEL ULTIMATE Holy Animated Knight Weapon Set $25.00 v.1

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Included in the Holy Animated Knight Weapon Set:

  • Chest​
  • Key​
  • Backpack​
  • Helmet​
  • Bow​
  • Shield​
  • Axe​
  • Hammer​
  • Staff​
  • Sword​
  • Shovel​
  • Pickaxe​
  • Hoe​
  • Fishing Rod​
  • Dagger​
  • Rapier​
  • Grenade​
  • Claws​
  • Claymore​
  • Spear​
  • Quiver​
  • Handcuffs​
  • Wings​
Pre-Made Configurations
  • ItemsAdder drag and drop config​
  • Golden Love
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