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Dungeon Lizard Vol 1 $28.00

MC MODEL ULTIMATE Dungeon Lizard Vol 1 $28.00 v.1

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This pack includes:
Lizard Swordsman
Lizard Javelin
Lizard Hammer
Lizard Elite Guard
Lizard King Tezcacoatl
Lizard chest with key
4 weapon models
3 shields
All skill models
Mythicmob files
Custom sounds
BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs

Mob special behaviors and abilities:

Lizard swordsman:

Gives bleeding and slow
Stuns with shield
Enrage to deal bigger damage

Lizard Javelin:
Both ranged and melee attacks
Pierces armor
Enrage to deal bigger damage

Lizard Hammer:
Stuns with shield
Slows with attacks
Enrage to deal bigger damage

Lizard Elite Guard:
Stuns with shield
Damage aura
Enrage to deal bigger damage

Lizard King Tezcacoatl:
Pushes back with attacks
Never stops attacking
Jumps at targets
Summons lightning
Gives black screen
Enrages for bigger damage

Lizard chest:
Right click on chest with lizard key to open

-Mythic Mobs (non premium)
– ProtocolLib
– Modelengine or ItemsAdder​
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