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Auction House - The Ultimate Auction House

Plugins MC Auction House - The Ultimate Auction House 2.80.3

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+ Fixed bug where when listing tax is enabled w/confirmation listing, if the player doesn't have enough money to complete listing it dupes the item.
+ Fixed bug where the bottom row of glass panes could still be removed in bundle creation menu
+ The bundle creation menu now force closes when not using listing confirmation
- Sell Menu (Select Listing Type): Added a button to return to the main auction house menu "/ah"
- Added a button to return to the previous stage of sale.
- When hovering over the clock, it should display the currently selected time, this time is not there.
- When entering the time and price in the chat, a new action bar with an example and valid time units
- Fixed /ah sell -b bug where you can take out the glass and the glass would be given to you on close
- When entering the starting bid price in the sell gui, if it is higher than the buyout price it will be set to half the buyout price instead of saying it's too low.
+ Fixed money spent placeholder not working
+ Fixed bundle creation not storing each item
+ Added setting to disable player profile update console messages
+ Added back legacy placeholder %auctionhouse_total_money_earned%
+ If the currently selected filter a player is using gets disabled, it will be set to ALL on next rejoin
+ When you disable the auction/bid system, the right click will stop functioning on the filter icon/item.
+ Closed issue #9 (Items are deleted when dropped onto menu icons that cause gui close) (https://github.com/kiranhart/Auction-House/issues/9)
+ Added getTax() to AuctionEndEvent (https://github.com/kiranhart/Auction-House/issues/10)
+ Added getListingFee to AuctionStartEvent(https://github.com/kiranhart/Auction-House/issues/10)
+ Added additional title unique to bid items for discord webhook (when listing) (https://github.com/kiranhart/Auction-House/issues/4)
+ Added "bid tracking", where it will charge players outright for the bid they placed, if they are outbid they'll get their money back, same goes if the item is cancelled/deleted (https://github.com/kiranhart/Auction-House/issues/5)


+ Got rid of the old statistic system in favour of a new one (that being said the statistic command / gui has been temporarily removed, it will be back next update)
+ Introduced more dynamic placeholders for global and player statistics (see https://docs.tweetzy.ca/official-plugins/auction-house/placeholders)
+ Fixed bug where if you died whilst using the sell menu, the item you placed into the sell slot would not be dropped
+ Fixed bug where when leaving/disconnecting from the server after placing an item into the sell gui and entering a new price, you'll not get it back on rejoin
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