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Advanced Crates ⭕ 17 Premium Animations ✅ Custom Item Support ✅ In-Game Editor ✨ Lootboxes

Plugins MC Advanced Crates ⭕ 17 Premium Animations ✅ Custom Item Support ✅ In-Game Editor ✨ Lootboxes 3.5.6

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  • Fixed Gifted_Keys_Received message from Messages.yml placeholders not being replaced if gifting the keys to yourself
  • Added Virtualkeys_Set to Messages.yml
  • Added message to execute when an admin executes the virtualkey set command, as a confirmation that the command was executed successfully


  • Added auto tab-complete for the 'ac open <playerName> <crateName> command
  • Added 'ac open <playerName> <crateName> command -
    Forcefully open the crate for a player
  • Added the above-mentioned command to the default messages.yml help2 page

  • Fixed AC.CantOpen not working on right clicking air (Doesnt not allow the player to open a crate when right clicking the crate in the air)
  • Fixed 1.12 Meteor shower NMS error
  • Fixed 1.12 YinYang console error
  • Fixed console error with Split animation on 1.8
  • Fixed when adding the same item in different custom preview menus, new items being added rather than saving it as the same item in the custom preview menu configuration
  • Fixed not being able to set a forward button for multiple preview pages
  • Fixed not being able to set a backwards button for multiple preview pages
  • Changed so custom items in a custom reward menu are saved with a symbol in front of the numeric value rather than only a numeric value, making it less probably for a mix up of rewards and custom items in a reward preview
  • Internal changes to the Contraband animation
  • Fixed BroadcastMessagesToPlayers being sent two times
  • Fixed 2 configuration typos
  • Fixed Contraband animation not opening after the recent update / contraband animation console error
  • Added PhysicalKeys_Enabled configuration - setting this to false will make physical keys no longer work on crates (useful for virtual key only servers)
  • Changes to virtual keys saving mechanics
  • Fixed Contraband animation console errors
  • Fixed animation disappearing glitch on 1.10-1.11
  • Fixed console errors regarding preview items spinning feature
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