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Advanced Crates ⭕ 17 Premium Animations ✅ Custom Item Support ✅ In-Game Editor ✨ Lootboxes

Plugins MC Advanced Crates ⭕ 17 Premium Animations ✅ Custom Item Support ✅ In-Game Editor ✨ Lootboxes 3.5.6

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AdvancedCrates - a crates plugin with the most EXCEPTIONAL animations for your server

This plugins focuses on making the experience of opening crates a cut above of any other server




Have no worry about the size of the animations,
you can have them be visible only by the opener
or use a proximity feature

And this is just a fraction of what the plugin can offer

  • Animations [17 Completely different animations available]
    • This plugin provides ability to use 17 animationswhich can be customized to look differently than they originally come out of the box.
      • Spoiler: Knight Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Minion Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: YinYang Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Quick Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Air Strike Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Meteor Shower Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Reveal Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Breakout Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Split Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Cosmic Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Round Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Contraband Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Display Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Pyramid Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Round2 Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: NoAnimation Animation (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Pouch Animation (Click to view)​
  • Animation Visibility Options [3 Options]
    • Visible by everyone. Players always see each others crates animations​
    • Visible only by the opener. Only the player who is opening the crate can see the crate's animation​
    • Visible via proximity system. Customize the radius based on how close you want each crate to become invisible to other players excluding the opener so they can open a crate in peace
      • Spoiler: Proximity System Example (Click to view)​
  • NO LAG
    • Plugin calculates everything on a different processor core than the server is being ran on (ASync)​
    • Plugin uses packets for all of the animations, meaning the server doesn't need to process any of the information​
    • Easily create new rewards in-game by dropping a reward into a GUI and instantly saving it to the files
      • Spoiler: Drag and Drop Rewards (Click to view)​
    • Easily create new crates and rewards from scratch in game
      • Spoiler: Create New Crate In-Game (Click to view)​
      • Spoiler: Create New Reward In-Game (Click to view)​
    • Easily customize ANY configuration in game
      • Spoiler: Customizing Holograms In-Game (Click to view)​
  • Crate rewards Reroll System
    • Allow players to reroll the crate if they don't like the reward based on permissions
      • Spoiler: Reroll Example (Click to view)​
    • Create ladders of permissions so some users can reroll more times than others
      • Spoiler: Reroll Permission Levels (Click to view)​
  • Crate Options
    • Stationary Crate. Have a block crate that needs to be right clicked with a key to be opened. Can be left-clicked to check rewards​
    • Lootbox crate. Have a place-able crate which once placed will open an animation in the place of placement. Rewards can be previewed by left-clicking while holding the crate/lootbox item​
  • Stationary crate's Particle Animations [5 different animations]
    • Reward rolling. Have each reward's item displayed 1 by 1 on top of the crate to showcase the contents of the crate
      • Spoiler: Reward Rolling Animation (Click to view)​
    • 4 Unique animations which can be played with any particles
      • Spoiler: Preview of Particle Animations (Click to view)​
  • Other smaller features
    • Final Message letting the user / whole server know what the opener has received
      • Spoiler: Final Message (Click to view)​
    • No external dependencies required!
    • Shift to open instantly​
    • Customize how many rewards will be in the animations​
    • Customize the amount of crates (lootboxes) that can be placed at the same time in the world​
    • Customize the radius of how close crates (lootboxes) can be placed to each other​
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Latest updates

  1. 3.5.6

    Changes: Fixed Gifted_Keys_Received message from Messages.yml placeholders not being replaced...
  2. 3.5.3

  3. 3.5.0

    Changes: Added auto tab-complete for the 'ac open <playerName> <crateName> command
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