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1.8 - 1.19 .2⭐ BattlePass ⭐ Practical & Customizable Quests ⚔️ 30% SALE ⚔️

Plugins MC 1.8 - 1.19 .2⭐ BattlePass ⭐ Practical & Customizable Quests ⚔️ 30% SALE ⚔️ 3.12.9

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Added 7 new daily quests
Started work on a quests creator in-game! Soon, will be able to make quests in-game.
  • Minor issue with rewards config has been fixed
  • Fixed issue with crafting quests
  • Fixed executing commands from unloaded plugins causing rewards not to be marked as given
  • Fixed error with quests if material is set but not durability/damage
  • Added warning on startup if reward is configured incorrectly
Fixed daily quest issue with purpur servers not saving through the restarts
  • Fixed daily-quests.yml formatting issue
  • Fixed issue with some craft materials not working
  • Fixed issue crafting multiple of items which aren't stackable not counting the amount towards craft quests
  • Fixed error with quest pipeline throwing errors with async quests on paper 1.19.2
  • Minor updates to performance


Brand new 20 daily quests have been released! To get these, you will need to regenerate your `plugins/BattlePass/quests/daily-quests.yml` file
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