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[1.12.2-1.19] GriefDefender - claim plugin Grief Prevention Protection

Plugins MC ULTIMATE [1.12.2-1.19] GriefDefender - claim plugin Grief Prevention Protection 2.3.0

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All claim removal/expiration configuration settings have been moved into a new section 'removal-settings' within global.conf. If you altered any of these settings, make sure to re-apply them in new section.

New preset lang entries have been added to this release. You can either wipe the existing preset lang or insert the new additions below.

Code (Text):

toggle-notifications="Toggles whether trusted claims you enter or exit will display notifications."
claim-expired-inactivity-temporary-admin="&6{player}'s {claim_name} &ahas &cEXPIRED&a and has been converted to a TEMPORARY free-for-all admin claim. All players will have &6{time}&a to acquire any items within the claim."
claim-expired-inactivity-temporary-admin-coords="&6{player}'s {claim_name} &ahas &cEXPIRED&a at {coords} and has been converted to a TEMPORARY free-for-all admin claim. All players will have &6{time}&a to acquire any items within the claim."
command-notifications-trusted-disabled="&cTrusted claim notifications disabled."
command-notifications-trusted-enabled="&aTrusted claim notifications enabled."

Improved Trust System

The trust system is now integrated within the flag GUI. The following types can now be managed via the flag GUI :

  • OWNER - Controls owner flags.
  • PUBLIC - Controls non-trusted player flags.
  • ACCESSOR - Controls access trust player flags.
  • CONTAINER - Controls container trust player flags.
  • BUILDER - Controls builder trust player flags.
  • MANAGER - Controls manager trust player flags.

In order to support the new flag types above, the following new GD LP groups will now be created at first server boot :

Code (Text):


Deny Message Translations

All block, item, and entity deny messages that GD sends to players will now support client translations. GD will also prioritize any custom names set on these types.

Item CustomModelData support

The inspection and modification tools now support CustomModelData support. To use, add {key:value} after item identifier.

Code (Text):


New Item damage flag

A new flag 'item-damage' has been added to GD's API. This new flag adds support for controlling damage on an item.

New claim expiration feature

A new configuration setting 'admin-feature' can now be used to turn expired basic claims into admin claims giving all players build trust! Another timer will start before deleting the expired claimed territory allowing anyone to re-claim area.
Note: Make sure to TEST before using this new feature.

World whitelist support

Servers using plugins that create many additional worlds can now make use of the new world whitelist configuration in global.conf and specify which worlds you want GD to work in. All other worlds not specified will be ignored in GriefDefender.

Entity custom name context

You can now control flags against entities with custom names. Use the following contexts :

Code (Text):


Arclight Tick Tracker support

This release adds initial support for Arclight's new tick tracking API. For more information see https://github.com/ArclightPowered/api/issues/1

Coming Soon

GriefDefender Forge will be ready for public testing soon! Check discord for more info.


Code (Text):

* Fix GD menu titles missing colors due to new translation logic.
* Fix inspection/modification tool on reload.
* Fix claimgroups when using DB storage.
* Fix global claim options not using default claim contexts.
* Add support for custom container names.
* Add fine-tunable control for trust levels.
* Introduce new core protection flag item-damage. This flag will allow servers to control which items can lose durability or be damaged.
* Support custom/translatable block/item/entity names in claim deny messages.
* Add new claim expiration feature which will turn expired basic claims into admin claims giving all players build trust! Another timer will start before deleting the expired claimed territory allowing anyone to re-claim area.
* Add world whitelist to global.conf which gives servers the ability to control which worlds they want GD to be activated in. This setting is useful for servers using plugins that generate many additional worlds such as DungeonXL.
* Add toggle to disable/enable claimed notifications (greeting/farewell) in claims you own or are trusted in.
* Add trust support for claimgroups.
Note: Using trust commands will now affect the claimgroup instead of claim.
Note: All trust permissions assigned to a claimgroup will appear in respective LP trust group griefdefender_trust_<type>
* Add entity customname context support.
The following contexts will now be included when an entity contains a custom name :

This is a performance and stability update addressing various issues in 2.2.4 release.

Currency Symbol support

You can now configure the currency symbol used by GriefDefender in all economy messages.

Coming Soon

GriefDefender will soon support both Forge and Fabric platforms. Forge support is nearly done. For more updates, check discord.


Code (Text):

* Fix desync mount issue when denying claim entry.
* Fix parent_uuid and claimgroup_uuid not being set in DB with always-read-write-db enabled.
* Fix wrong creature type mapping.
* Fix GD failing to startup if database storage name contained a hyphen(-) character.
* Fix flag commands not applying proper context if claim was joined to a claimgroup.
Note: This will allow servers to override claimgroup permissions with LP groups.
* Add new economy setting currency-symbol to global.conf used to customize currency symbol in economy messages.
* Add new claim setting child-inherit-trust used to control whether a child claim inherits parent trust when inheritance is turned on.

This is a performance and stability update addressing various issues in 2.2.3 release.


Code (Text):

* Fix memory leak in wilderness claim.
* Fix trust commands not passing identifier properly.
* Fix claim date-created not being set in memory after server startup when using DB storage.
* Fix caching issue with liquid-flow checks.
* Fix claim settings being re-saved to DB during startup with always-read-write-db enabled.
* Fix ClanData NPE during config init.
* Improve LP user lookup performance.
* Add 'deny-messages' setting to pvp category in global config.
* (MC 1.12.2) Fix NoSuchFieldError during spawning.
* (Sponge) Fix command check when player was op.
* (Sponge) Fix memory claim settings not being updated with always-read-write-db enabled.
* (MultiPaper) Fix claim resize message not checking if claim is loaded.
* (MultiPaper) Fix claim transfer message not checking if claim is loaded.
* (MultiPaper) Add claim set active message.

This is a stability update addressing various issues in 2.2.2 release.


Code (Text):

* Fix player cached claim not always being updated after successful teleports.
* Fix ClaimRemoveEvent.Expire not being fired before cleanup.
* Fix inventory GUI /playerinfo not working for self when denying others permission.
* Fix inventory GUI notification icons being shown without permission.
* Fix MultiPaperProvider transfer and resize notifications not always loading claims on other servers.
* Fix child claims last active logic not checking ownership on player login.
* Fix claim-start message when creating child claims.
* Fix /claimid tab completion.
* Fix /claimdisplayname clear message.
* Fix /claimoption command not handing quoted values properly.
* Fix various option definition permission checks.
* Add sculk protection.
* Add 'minecraft:fire' to block-break blacklist.
Note: If you want to prevent fire extinguishing, remove this entry from blacklist.conf.
* Add missing : to status label in inventory option GUI.
* Add 3d claim UP/DOWN player face support for /claimcontract and /claimexpand.
* Updated pt_BR lang.
* (Sponge) Fix player-command-enter and player-command-exit options not being checked with player movement cache enabled.
* (MC 1.12.2) Fix NoSuchFieldError during entity spawns.
* Fix claim option command.
* Fix trust when interacting with armorstands and item frames.
* Fix option player-keep-inventory and player-keep-level toggles.
* Fix town claim options.
* Fix pvp target flag location check.
* Fix claimgroup permissions not persisting after server restart.
* Fix /claimgroupadmin command.
* Fix 'Claim Info' and 'Claim List' not being translated in inventory GUI.
* Add protection support for AreaEffectCloud's.
* Improve /claimflagdefinition .
Note: You can now use <preset>:<group>:public|owner
Note: ex. /claimflagdefinition minecraft:user:eek:wner chest-access true <identifier>. This would affect both owner and public users.
* (MC 1.19) Fix flag and option chat GUI pages not being aligned properly.
* (Hybrid 1.12.2) Fix NoSuchMethodError when breaking item frames.
* (Hybrid 1.12.2) Fix NoSuchMethodError when using fishing hook.
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