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⭐Specialized Crates ⭐ 25+ Animations ✅ Create Animations Yourself ⭕ 1.8 - 1.19.2

Plugins MC ⭐Specialized Crates ⭐ 25+ Animations ✅ Create Animations Yourself ⭕ 1.8 - 1.19.2 3.1.5

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  • Fixed console error when users leave the server
  • Fixed all action configurations not working when using a custom animation
  • Fixed console error when end_actions.sound in custom animations is not set
  • Added wiki (not fully finished yet)
  • Fixed Console error exception when using the block open animation
  • Fixed NMS error on 1.11
  • Tweaks to internal file handling
  • Fixed hologram alignment issue with HolographicDisplays

Please mind that the SpecializedCrates jar uploaded to this winrar is a Beta V3 version,
although many fixes were done it may still not be stable for production servers,
make sure to test it out throughtly and decide on your own.

V3 as a reminder introduces the ability to use customly made animations and brings in a lot of new animations by default.
V3 also AUTOMATICALLY CONVERTS V2 TO V3 REWARDS FILE, so make sure to have a backup ready just in case!
This means that if you were using the V2 version of the plugin (Example SpecializedCrates-2.30.0) your rewards file won't be the main
rewards file, rather each reward will go individually to the crates file itself.

Depending on the results and stability of V3, we are likely to update the V2 version of the plugin to 1.19.2 too, so users can choose
wether to use the more stable V2 or the new V3.

  • Added 1.19.2 support
  • Nullpointer Exception fixes
  • Lucky Chest permission configuration default being set to true
  • Added 1.19 support to the stable V2 version (1.19 support for the pre-release V3 version will be coming later)


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