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✨ItemsAdder⭐Emotes, Mobs, Items, Armors, HUD, || Ultimate version

ULTIMATE Plugins MC ✨ItemsAdder⭐Emotes, Mobs, Items, Armors, HUD, || Ultimate version 3.3.0-beta-r10

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  • fixed mipmap issue (regenerate your resourcepack) #2148
  • little optimization for blockstates generation
  • fixed tripwire.json file not updated in some particular cases #2136
  • optimized png images metadata strip (compression)
  • fixed /iainfo issue in some cases #2146
  • fixed custom fonts not loading #2135
  • fixed Craft Async Scheduler Management Thread in some cases (related to chunk load with noteblocks inside) #2133
  • fixed some 2x2 recipes cases
  • added "No permission" popup notification on result slot of recipes. Regenerate your pack using /iazip to get the new feature. Make sure to not delete the _iainternal folder.
  • added new alternatives to the current folders structures, makes things very easy to configure. Read more here: #2128
  • increased the compression with compress-json-files property (now removes useless "group" attributes from jsons in the zip file).
  • added a new option extract_internal_utility_assets in config.yml to avoid extracting _iainternal folder for expert users.
  • compressed images in _iainternal folder even more
  • fixed duplication bug with some recipes #2123
  • fixed duplication bug with some recipes #2098
  • fixed font images loading on some packs #2124
  • pack.png not compressed #2129
  • changed priority of legacy data/resource_pack/ folder. It will be loaded before any other pack.
  • proper 2x2 crafting recipes detection
  • changed first tutorial book and warning message
  • fixed error when yml file has no content (or only comments) #2120
  • fixed self-host errors in some particular servers hosting #2118

  • fixed manually created fonts loading #2113
  • better malformed json errors for items overrides files #2109
  • fixed model_id tag not working correctly in some cases #2112
  • removed error "SLF4J: Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder"."
  • explicitly report missing font textures to avoid the 1.19 bug #2055
  • fixed items json merging removing some properties in some cases (parent, texture, display, etc...) #2115
  • fixed shapeless recipes not matching in some cases when manually putting ingredients in the grid recipehttps://github.com//issues/2068
  • fixed noteblock not playing correct instrument if placed on block that should change its instrument (opposite placing order worked) #2105
  • fixed NullPointerException caused by some other plugins when interacting with armorstands #2091
  • removed server.properties warning on no-host eneabled #2088
  • fixed shapeless recipe not automatically detected until recipe is selected on recipebook (for example if recipe has only 1 ingredient and it's IRON_INGOT)
  • removed org.slf4j library, it's already included in spigot
Fixed custom entities model loading
generated resourcepack files won't be saved into the plugin folder to avoid confusion. They will be added directly inside the zip file.
- new resourcepack structure, please refer to the page for more information: https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2097
- removed /iaexport command.
- removed `overwrite-vanilla-models` setting.
- removed `fix_transparent_noteblocks__disable-for-more-performance` setting.
- removed legacy default pack support.
- renamed item/base/blank.png to base/blank.png.
- renamed font/base/black.png to base/black.png.
- renamed font/base/blank.png to base/blank.png.
- removed useless "minecraft:" prefix on some generated json files.
- removed useless properties from files: mushroom_stem.json, red_mushroom_block.json, brown_mushroom_block.json.
- removed useless file block_real.json.
- removed useless "groups" property from painting .json models parents.
- removed config option 'extract-default-configs'.
- renamed all ia_various_configs to _iainternal.
- renamed all z_iainternal to _iainternal.
- resourcepack zip is now generated into a new path `plugins/ItemsAdder/output/generated.zip`
- added invalid characters detection on pack compression
- compression bossbar now shows precise percentage

- fixed useless disk usage with temporary data
- faster pack compression due to RAM usage instead of disk during files generation
- fixed pack generation loop in some rare cases
- fixed crashing when using the search button of /ia GUI in 1.19.2 clients.
- fixed Cave Detectors errors on < 1.17 https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2094
- possibly fixed double resource pack load, probably also triggering this issue https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2092
- fixed recipes duplication bug
- fixed particular recipes losing items https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2084
- little code cleanup
- fixed long pack loading in some cases, please regenerate your resourcepack! https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2067
- fixed shift_up not working anymore https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2075
- fixed furniture itemframe playing "entity.item_frame.add_item" sound when placed https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2066
- fixed custom_variant not applying current namespace when unspecified
- fixed emotes locators not loaded from custom animation files other than the default one
- fixed smithing recipe loader causing errors on < 1.19 https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2073
- attempt to fix error with some animations "java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 2 out of bounds for length 2" https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2070
resourcepack changes (need to regenerate your resourcepack):
- added smithing table recipes textures, make sure to download them here: https://github.com/ItemsAdder/DefaultPack/releases/tag/3.2.5
- fixed chorus plant break particles missing (need to regenerate your resourcepack)
- fixed Negative spaces duplicate entries (need to regenerate your resourcepack) https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1796
- fixed Scoreboard hide numbers feature problems (need to regenerate your resourcepack)https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1338

config changes:
- removed useless attribute-armor and attribute-toughness from language files (in `lang` folder)

compatibility changes:
- removed 1.19 and 1.19.1 support (use 1.19.2)
- removed 1.18 and 1.18.1 support (use 1.18.2)

- added new option `show_custom_durability_lore` https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1671
- implemented Smithing table recipe (1.19+ only) https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/524
- implemented shapeless recipes for crafting table https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1481
- unlock recipe in the recipebook after player crafts any ingredient for that recipe
- added a new advanced setting to convert vanilla blocks into custom blocks. Use it only if you know what you are doing. https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1230
- added new properties to customize model variants. For example to randomize the model and/or rotations: https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1282

- implemented CustomEntity#getLoot() methods https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2049

- removed old 1.0->2.0 converter since it's now obsolete
- fixed attribute modifier UUID always different on each reload for the same item
- removed unused code and clened up some parts of the plugin
- rephrased some misconfiguration errors, fixed colors and implemented levels (ERROR, WARN, INFO)
- now recipebook won't put ingredients automatically on recipe click into the grid if ALL ingredients are not found (like in vanilla recipes)
- fixed Hyperstones compatibility
- fixed anvil rename color bugs https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2037
- fixed NPC not working on Purpur and Paper [1.16] [NoSuchMethodError] https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2048
- fixed chorus placement graphical glitches https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2046
- fixed better logic to fix previous issue https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1993
- fixed can't open doors while holding custom blocks https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2030
- fixed furniture hitbox getting reset back when some Bukkit API methods are called (and preemptively fixed also any undiscovered causes) https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1996
- fixed font images (emojis) and text effects not replaced correctly in chat in some cases when secure chat is enabled
- fixes warn and continue loading if duplicate attribute modifiers are set instead of stopping
- fixed attribute modifiers with dots (for example "minecraft:generic.armor_toughness") not being correctly recognized
- fixed duplication https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2060
- fixed interact event not working anymore https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2065
- fixed /iainfo showing wrong max pack size for 1.18-1.19
- new configuration option for ItemsAdder to finish loading items in the main thread https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2010
- now you can create furniture using the GLOW_ITEM_FRAME entity type https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2011
- added Denizen support https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1986

- new API method to retrieve block model files https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1959
- new emotes events https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1690

- fixed Citizens interaction not working https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/2002
- fixed Anvil does not return redundant ingredients when broken https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1976
- fixed PlayerInteractEvent not triggered if entity is between 5 and 6 blocks of distance from player https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1993
- fixed replaceable blocks not replaced when interacted with custom block https://github.com/PluginBugs/Issues-ItemsAdder/issues/1998
- fixed wrong NMS nbt loaded in 1.19.2
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